Class A Painting has created a step-by-step process during 22 years of experience. We pay close attention to every detail by following each step with care.

     1) Carefully pick-up and move all furniture to a safe position for painting.

     2) Wrap all furniture tight with a new roll of plastic for ultimate protection.

     3) Tape flooring and/or trim, and any other items off for painting to have the ultimate protection.

     4) Place canvas tarps on all exposed surfaces for protection of every square foot.

     5) Remove all electrical plates and place in a safe area.

     6) Drop fixtures from ceilings and/or walls for complete coverage of painting.

     7) Lightly pole sand all walls to remove any grit, rough surfaces, etc. with 80 grit sand paper for a smooth as possible surface.

     8) Repair any drywall areas that are needed including filling any holes that are requested.

     9) Apply first coat of high grade application.

     10) Allow to properly dry.

     11) Lightly pole sand walls if needed again.

     12) Double check any extra repairs if needed.

     13) Apply second coat of high grade application.

     14) Allow all high grade applications to fully dry.

     15) Pickup, fold neatly, and remove all tarps from all surfaces.

     16) Remove any and all tape from all areas.

     17) Slowly perfect all lines to a crisp, and inspect every inch of the project for quality.

     18) Place all fixtures back properly and re-install all receptacle plates.

     19) Vacuum/sweep and wipe every square inch of work areas for cleanness.

     20) Replace all furniture back in original position.

     21) Secure all paint container lids tight and leave them with the client for any future use and/or color scheme and brand reference for the future.

     22) Do a final walk through again for quality check for an ultimate completion and customer satisfaction.

     23) Have the customer 100% satisfied. 

     Working to satisfy every customer 100% with a high quality paint job. Our goal is to be your painter for life, and receive great referrals from your friends and family. We are confident that you will be not only satisfied with our step-by-step process, but our crew being on-time through out the entire process from start to finish by completing your project and not drawing it out for a period of time. We look to simplify the process by efficiently getting your home back in order as quickly as possible.